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  Paper Flower: Cherry Blossom  

We think these little flower blossoms are too cute, and hope you do too!



You will need:

1 square of white paper

1 smaller square of pink paper

1 strip of yellow paper

A pair of scissors

A thin paintbrush, chopstick or similarly long thin item



  Start by folding your white or pink square in half.  

  Fold over the paper loosely in half again and press the corner to mark the centre as shown.  

  Unfold the last step, the center should be marked by a small crease.  

  With your folded edge at the bottom fold the right hand side up at a 60° angle. Don’t worry too much about accuracy - you can always adjust the folds.  

  Fold the other side up to that the edges meet and you have a little heart shape.  

  Fold your heart shape in half length ways.  

  Use a pair of scissors to carefully cut a curve along the top of the shape.  

  Open the paper out to see your finished flower shape.  

  Repeat the process with the other square.  

  Use glue to assemble your flower. In this tutorial we used a hot glue gun - but PVA glue will act as a fine substitute.  

  Put some glue in the centre of your pink flower shape and stick it to the centre of the white shape.  

  We chose not to line up the petals to give a natural look, but its up to you.  

  Set your glue aside and take your strip of yellow paper. Roll it tightly around the end of your thin paintbrush or similarly long thin item.  

  Hold the roll so that it doesn’t uncoil and take your scissors.  

  Carefully cut strips into the coil - making the cuts no further than 2 thirds of the way in.  

  Place a generous blob of glue on the intact end of the coil.  

  Place it in the centre of your flower - holding it to set if need be.  

  When the yellow coil is securely stuck to the centre use your fingers to gently spread the cut strips out.  

  Your flower is now complete! Have fun trying out different colour combinations and sizes.  





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