Fun Painted Birdhouse

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  These cute wooden houses come in 5 designs and it was difficult for us to chose just one to decorate.

We hope our ideas will inspire you.



  You will need:

1 plain miniature birdhouse

Red, yellow and brown paint

1 paintbrush

1 normal grey drawing pencil

Red, orange, brown and green colouring pencils

White chalk

1 happy yellow chick (optional!)



  Start by painting the base colours on the birdhouse. Wash your brush between colours so that they donít get mixed up.  

  Use your grey pencil to draw outlines for the flower pots. Colour the pots in with your brown pencil and then use your chalk to colour an area of white flowers. After you have used the chalk go over the top with the grey pencil to pick out some flower shapes.  

  Use your grey pencil to draw the outlines of some bricks and to draw the roof tiles. Donít worry about drawing too many bricks - you only have to draw a few to give the impression of a brick wall.  


Use your red pencil to colour in a couple of random tiles on the roof, making them darker.

Use your orange pencil to colour in your outlined bricks.



  Take your green pencil and make short, upwards strokes at the base of the birdhouse to suggest grass. Do this all around the bottom of the birdhouse.  

  Add any extra details you would like, pop your happy yellow chick inside and enjoy!  



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