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Welcome to our Featured Artists page, this is where we show you some of our local artists and crafters, plus any exhibitions or events that we think might interest you.  If you want to be featured on this page, or have information about any relevant exhibitions or events, let us know.


  Liara K Crane
  Liara is a local artist working primarily in a style inspired by Japanese anime and manga, and occasionally in realism when the mood takes her.

David Keeping
My latest work involves miniature models. 

The rooms I have created are approximately 1/12th scale and are made up of various materials, ranging from moss and cacti to mirrors and wallpaper. 

The rooms are absent of occupants and indeed have been deserted for some time. 

The objects within relate to the private lives of the former tenants, it is for the observer to determine or not the histories of the ghosts left behind.

Click on each individual cropped image to see the rest of that models image.


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